S20-SWW Suspended Solids Sensor or Turbidity Sensor

S20-SWW Suspended Solids Sensor / Turbidity Sensor

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  • 0 to 10g/L in normal activated sludge
  • Measurement range will vary according to media and particle characteristics.


  • Stormwater sediment TSS or Turbidity runoff monitoring
  • Flocculant dosing and control
  • Wastewater TSS or Turbidity monitoring and control
  • Environmental monitoring


  • Accurate, repeatable and reliable Suspended Solids / Turbidity Sensor
  • A process control sensor for monitoring and control of stormwater and waste
  • Virtually eliminates drift due to contamination or electronic ageing
  • No special control box required
  • Simple USB based user interface
  • Low power option suitable for remote installation
  • Connect directly to 4-20mA and Modbus RS485


For more information: Download Data Sheet   Download Operating Manual


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S20-SWW Suspended Solids Sensor / Turbidity Sensor
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